Aika and Sergey’s wedding at Masseria Potenti was a breathtaking celebration, set against the backdrop of a sunny day in mid-June, creating a picturesque scene of love and joy.

The talented photographer, Alex Wysocki, and the skilled videographers at 2Become1 Video, beautifully captured the essence of the day. The images and videos they produced not only documented the event but also conveyed the emotions, making it possible for the couple to relive their special day for years to come.

Masseria Potenti’s flower decor added a touch of romance with lots of pastel colors. The venue was transformed into a dreamy setting, with floral arrangements that complemented the vibrant atmosphere of the sunny day. Hanging tambourines on the long tables added a playful and musical element, creating a whimsical and festive ambiance.

Candles and hanging lights further enhanced the romantic atmosphere, casting a warm glow over the celebration.
The aperitivo and buffet of starters were accompanied by the lively tunes of the Italian swing band, Zagor Band. Their performance not only set the tone for the festivities but also got everyone on their feet, dancing and enjoying the music. The band’s infectious energy made the aperitivo and the following reception an unforgettable experience.

As the celebration continued into the night, the dance floor remained alive with joy and rhythm. Guests reveled in the music, creating a lively and spirited atmosphere that reflected the couple’s love and the joy of the occasion.

The afterparty was an absolute highlight, featuring the dynamic combination of a DJ and saxophonist, Tasten’Sax. The energy on the dance floor was electric, and guests enthusiastically danced the night away. The addition of fireworks and floor fountains added a touch of spectacle, creating a grand finale to an already spectacular day.

Aika and Sergey’s wedding at Masseria Potenti was a perfect blend of romance, music, and celebration. From the vibrant flower decor to the energetic performances and the lively afterparty, every detail contributed to a day filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable memories.

Venue | Masseria Potenti

Photographer | Alex Wysocki

Film Photography | Adam Crocker

Videographer | 2Become1 Video

MUAH | Tania Nitsak

Swing Band | Zagor Street Band

Reception Music | Rinaldi Events

Dj and Sax | Tasten’Sax