Hannah and Alex’s wedding at Masseria Traetta near the white city of Ostuni was a joyous and stylish celebration, filled with personal touches and emotional moments. The picturesque setting provided a stunning backdrop for their special day.

The tireless and extremely talented Alex Wysocki captured the essence of the wedding, preserving every meaningful moment in a series of beautiful photographs. Despite the absence of a videographer, the images vividly told the story of the day, showcasing the emotions, details, and the love shared between Hannah and Alex.

The ceremony, conducted by me, added a personal and intimate touch to the proceedings. The lighting of memory candles for their loved ones brought a heartfelt and emotional aspect to the ceremony, creating a moment of remembrance and reflection.

Hannah’s desire for a minimalistic and straightforward black and white color approach was beautifully realized by Flower Addicted. The floral arrangements complemented the bride’s signature style, adding a touch of elegance and simplicity to the wedding decor. The juxtaposition of black and white created a modern and chic atmosphere that resonated throughout the celebration.

The afterparty reached new heights with the best DJ from Manchester, setting the stage for an unforgettable night of music and dancing. Mustacchi Bros, with their old Italian swing music, brought a nostalgic and lively touch, entertaining the guests with a charming blend of tradition and celebration during aperitivo and buffet of starters.

Hannah and Alex’s wedding at Masseria Traetta was a harmonious fusion of personal style, emotional moments, and lively entertainment. From the unique photography by Alex Wysocki to the minimalistic floral decor by Flower Addicted and the vibrant afterparty with the best DJ and Mustacchi Bros, every element contributed to a day filled with love, style, and deep emotions.

Venue | Masseria Traetta

Photographer | Alex Wysocki

Florist | Flower Addicted

Music | Mustacchi Bros