Jenny and Oisin’s wedding at Castello Monaci in late August was a truly unique and unforgettable celebration, marked by challenging weather conditions that turned out to be the defining element of their special day.

Roman Ivanon, an amazing editorial photographer, worked tirelessly to capture every moment of the wedding. His skillful lens not only documented the event but also captured the raw beauty of the bad weather, creating a narrative that showcased the resilience and love of the couple against the elements.

Rollo Fiori, undeterred by the inclement weather, created stunning blooms that added a touch of elegance and color to the day. His flexibility in reimagining the floral concept on the spot, due to the rain and wind, showcased his dedication to ensuring the beauty of the wedding remained intact despite the challenges.

The wedding, originally planned for an outdoor setting, was moved inside due to the rain. However, this unexpected turn of events added a unique and intimate charm to the celebration, creating an atmosphere of warmth and togetherness.

The music throughout the event was beautifully performed by the talented violinist Lauca Calcagno, who added a touch of classical elegance to the proceedings. The DJ from London brought a contemporary vibe to the afterparty, ensuring that the celebration continued with energy and joy despite the weather challenges.

Jenny and Oisin’s wedding at Castello Monaci in late August became a testament to the power of love in the face of unexpected challenges. From the determined efforts of Roman Ivanon to capture the beauty of the day to the flexible and creative approach of Rollo Fiori and the enchanting music by Lauca Calcagno and the DJ, every detail contributed to a day that, despite the bad weather, was filled with love and resilience.

Venue | Castello Monaci

Photographer | Roman Ivanov

Videographer | Marco De Nigris

MUA | Daniele De Vitis

Florist | Rollo Fiori

Music | Laura Calcagno