Megan and Stephen’s wedding at Masseria Potenti was a captivating celebration, marked by enchanting moments and thoughtful details that turned a rainy day into a magical affair.

Despite the rain, the couple chose to have a gorgeous ceremony outdoors, beneath the shelter of an ancient olive tree. The aisle was adorned with flowers, creating a stunning contrast against the greenery. The raindrops added a touch of romance, and miraculously, there was no rain under the protective canopy of the olive tree, making the ceremony feel like a scene from a fairytale.

The talented photographer, Lato Photography, skillfully captured the essence of the day, immortalizing the beauty of the rainy ceremony, the lush greenery in Masseria Potenti’s decor, and the joyous moments shared by Megan and Stephen.

Masseria Potenti’s flower decor showcased an abundance of greenery with an organic touch, perfectly complementing the rustic charm of the venue. The natural elements harmonized with the surroundings, creating an atmosphere of understated elegance.

The long tables at the reception were adorned with lots of lights, featuring hanging glass spheres with tea lights and multiple cylinders filled with candles. The soft glow from the candles created a warm and intimate ambiance, turning the reception into a romantic and enchanting space.

The festivities began the day before with a welcome dinner that had a unique twist. Megan and Stephen discovered an Irish pub guitarist and singer randomly in a high street pub, who entertained the guests, adding a touch of Irish charm to the pre-wedding celebration.

The aperitivo and buffet of starters were accompanied by the lively tunes of the Italian swing band, Mustacchi Bros. The band not only provided a musical backdrop but also got everyone on their feet, dancing and singing, creating a vibrant and joyful atmosphere.

The afterparty was a high-energy affair, featuring a DJ and a saxophone player. The combination of beats and live music fueled the celebration, and guests enthusiastically sang along, making it an unforgettable conclusion to an already spectacular day.

Megan and Stephen’s wedding was a testament to love’s ability to shine even on rainy days. From the dreamy ceremony under the olive tree to the lively entertainment and heartfelt moments, every detail contributed to a celebration that embraced the unexpected and created memories to last a lifetime.

Venue | Masseria Potenti

Photographer | Lato Photography

Videographer | 2Become1

Music | Antonio Sax Events