Melissa and Taylor’s wedding at Castello Monaci in Puglia was a magical celebration that brought a touch of Canadian charm to the stunning Italian castle. Set against the picturesque backdrop in mid-October, the day was filled with warmth, humor, and ethereal beauty.

The deeply ethereal photographer Zonzo skillfully captured the essence of the wedding day, adding a dreamy and editorial touch to the images. Despite the absence of a videographer, the visual storytelling was incredibly beautiful, preserving the moments that unfolded throughout the day in a captivating way.

Rollo Fiori’s flower decor was a masterpiece, showcasing a unique palette of gentle pastel colors including off-white, ivory, and blush, adorned with abundant Mediterranean greenery. The floral arrangements complemented the castle’s surroundings, creating an atmosphere of timeless elegance and natural beauty.

The symbolic ceremony, conducted by Taylor’s sister wearing a stylish tuxedo, was a highlight filled with heartfelt humor and tears of joy. The personal touch added by family members made the ceremony not only emotional but also uniquely memorable. The exchange of vows was a reflection of the couple’s love, and the setting of Castello Monaci added a fairytale-like quality to the union.

The afterparty reached new heights with the exceptional talents of DJ and Saxophonist duo Tasten’Sax. Their music and performance brought an unparalleled energy to the celebration, creating an atmosphere of pure joy and celebration. The addition of a 360-degree photo booth added a playful and interactive element, allowing guests to capture and share the memorable moments in a unique way.

Melissa and Taylor’s wedding at Castello Monaci was a fusion of Canadian charm and Italian beauty. From the ethereal photography by Zonzo to the unique floral decor by Rollo Fiori, and the lively afterparty with Tasten’Sax and the 360-degree photo booth, every detail contributed to a day filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable memories.

Venue | Castello Monaci

Photographer | Zonzo Photography

Florist | Rollo Fiori

Music | Tasten’Sax