Food & wine in Puglia

One of the many reasons couples choose Puglia as their wedding destination is the reputation of the region’s food and wine. The wedding banquet plays an important role in any wedding day bringing guests together to bond over a fabulous meal. I can help you find the best catering company and advise you on a menu for your guests.


The cuisine of Puglia is steeped in the tradition of ‘cucina provera’ literally meaning ‘poor kitchen’. It stems from the time when people in the area were living in poverty and had to create simple meals with what they could grow themselves – this included olive oil, olives, durum wheat and lots of vegetables.

Typically, you’ll find hearty baked dishes, simple plates of pasta as order of the day – most famously the pasta Orecchiette (meaning ‘little ears’ after its shape). It is made from just flour and water and served with a local green vegetable, such as cime di rapa (similar to broccoli) and doused with freshly pressed olive oil – simple but delicious.

You will also find fresh seafood, such as mussels and tuna, and meat, such as lamb, goat and local cured meats on most local menus.

Vegetables are an important part of Puglian cuisine – you’ll see an abundance of fresh cherry tomatoes, olives (and their oil) and chicory in traditional dishes.

The famous stringy Burrata cheese was invented in Puglia in the 1950s and is hugely popular. And who can forget the delicious breads such as Pane di Attamua or Focaccia Barese?

Puglia really is a foodie’s heaven… it’s the perfect place to dazzle your wedding guests with the most amazing meal of fresh local dishes made by Italian chefs in the region’s traditional style of cooking.


Puglia has always produced a lot of wine, some of the grapevines have thrived in the region for over 2,000 years. However, although locals knew its worth, it has only relatively recently got the attention it deserves beyond the region.

Puglia is best known for its red wines. Look out for Primitivo di Mandura and Negroamaro. These are lovely full-bodied reds, to savour but beware they are quite potent (up to 18% ABV).

White and rose wines are also produced here but in smaller quantities, seek out Bombino Bianco or Verdeca to sample.

If you and your wedding party are in Puglia for a long weekend or a week for your wedding, why not let me help you organise a wine tour and tasting day trip to a local winery or vineyard to get to know more about the area and culture of the region where you held your special day?

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