Valentina and Michael’s wedding at Masseria San Nicola in Puglia on the first day of September was a spectacular celebration of love, family, and the rich Italian heritage shared by both the bride and groom. The wedding brought together just under 200 guests from the United States and various regions of Italy, including Basilicata, where Valentina’s immediate family hailed from.

The ceremony area, curated by florist Nunzia Guerino, was a stunning visual spectacle. Bold colors and shades of red, bordeaux, and delicate blushes adorned the space, creating an atmosphere of romance and vibrancy. The addition of local greenery added a touch of authenticity to the decor, blending the natural beauty of Puglia with the couple’s bold and colorful vision.

The celebration continued with a feast provided by Il Fagiano, a renowned catering company. The amazing food added to the joyous atmosphere, creating a culinary experience that reflected the richness of Italian cuisine. The fusion of local flavors and international influences catered to the diverse backgrounds of the guests, ensuring a delightful and memorable dining experience.

The festivities extended into the night with lots of dancing and joy that lasted until very late. The energetic atmosphere, fueled by the lively music and the presence of both American and Italian guests, created a sense of unity and shared celebration. The difficulty in leaving at the end of the night was a testament to the joyous and unforgettable moments that characterized Valentina and Michael’s wedding.

In summary, their wedding at Masseria San Nicola was a harmonious blend of cultural richness, vibrant colors, delicious cuisine, and heartfelt celebration. From the stunning floral arrangements by Nunzia Guerino to the renowned catering by Il Fagiano and the lively dancing that lasted into the early hours, every detail contributed to the utter success of the event.

Venue | Masseria San Nicola

Photographer | Francesco Francioso

Swing Band | Mustacchi Bros

Reception Music | Marino Rana

DJ | Alex Sisto

MUAH | Tania Nitsak