Yimika and Dotun’s wedding at Castello Monaci in Puglia was a heartfelt and culturally rich celebration that brought the vibrant traditions of Nigeria to the stunning backdrop of an Italian castle. The end of October provided a picturesque setting for their union.

The religious ceremony was deeply emotional, filled with traditions and prayers that reflected the couple’s Nigerian heritage. Yimika and Dotun exchanged vows that brought tears to their eyes, creating a profound and moving moment. The gospel of Tyna added a spiritual dimension to the ceremony, contributing to an atmosphere of reverence and connection.

Photographer Elena Baranchuk captured not only the wedding day but also the alta moda welcome event at Torre Del Parco, showcasing the couple’s journey in both elegance and cultural richness.

Rollo Fiori’s flower decor was a standout feature, showcasing dark autumn color highlights that added a unique and vibrant touch to the celebration. The dinner, held inside the castle in faded lights with numerous candles, created an enchanting and intimate atmosphere, making it a truly memorable experience.

David Blank, a successful Nigerian singer living in Milan, brought a special musical touch to the aperitivo and dinner. His performance, which included songs in Italian, added a fun and eclectic element to the celebration. The aperitivo and dinner were not just a feast for the palate but also a musical delight.

The afterparty took on a lively and colorful vibe with glow sticks and heart-shaped sunglasses, creating a playful atmosphere. The DJ from Nigeria curated a mix of international and African disco tunes, keeping the dance floor alive and energized. The combination of cultural influences and modern beats created a dynamic and festive afterparty that continued the celebration into the night.

Yimika and Dotun’s wedding at Castello Monaci was a fusion of cultural richness, emotional depth, and joyous celebration. From the stunning alta moda welcome event to the tearful vows, unique floral decor, and lively afterparty, every element contributed to a day filled with love, cultural diversity, and unforgettable moments.

Venue | Castello Monaci

Photographer | Elena Baranchuk

Videographer | Marco De Nigris

Florist | Rollo Fiori

MUA | Ranti

Hair Stylist | Diva Dolls

Music | Marino Rana

Singer | David Blank