Must see in Puglia

Puglia is an authentic and still relatively undiscovered region of Italy which is now becoming more popular, especially with wedding couples who appreciate the luxurious venues, beautiful beaches, the history, culture and, of course, the wonderful food and drink on offer.

It would be a shame to come to this region and not explore it if you have the time. The beaches that hug the coastline where the Adriatic meets the Ionian Sea are simply stunning – with over 800km of white sand and sparling turquoise sea, you’re really spoilt for choice. Some wedding venues have their own beautiful private beaches but do try to seek out some of the special ones such as Polignano A Mare, the Salento Peninsula and try to experience swimming in the natural caves at Grotta della Poesia (The Cave of Poetry) in Roca.

If you do just one thing, visit the village of Alberobello which was given UNESCO World Heritage status in 1996 for the iconic ‘trulli’ structures that you’ll see feature on practically every picture of Puglia. These little buildings with conical-shaped roofs are unique to the area and were originally built in the Middle Ages so the inhabitants could avoid paying taxes! Many are now little shops, restaurants and accommodation, but are so pretty they have to be seen.

If you can, also try to visit some of the larger towns like Bari, the region’s capital with its picturesque old harbour. Or take a trip to Lecce, dubbed the ‘Florence of the South’, with its extravagant Baroque architecture. Drive through the stunning Valle d’Itria to discover Ostuni the ‘white city’ high up in the hills and your whole experience of Puglia will be enriched.

If you have time to explore Puglia, you won’t be disappointed, it truly is packed with surprises at every turn and will only add to your happy wedding memories.

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